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Independent Evaluation

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)

Developmental and Psycho-educational Evaluations

For young children with developmental delays or school-age students who are academically frustrated, we offer assessments of learning potential, strengths, weaknesses and learning style.  This would include testing for potential learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, developmental disorders such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and giftedness which may be impacting school performance.  Specific areas of assessment may include intellectual assessment, pre-academic and academic evaluation, assessment of auditory and visual perceptual skills, fine motor assessment, social/emotional/adaptive assessment, and behavioral analysis. 

As an outcome of an evaluation, we provide individualized recommendations and accommodations tailor-made to your student’s learning and interaction styles to assist you in making the most informed decisions regarding your child’s education.  We also offer on-site tutoring to address academic delays to help your child gain the confidence he/she needs to be successful in his/her school program. Home-based ABA programs are also available. 


Independent Education Evaluation

What is an IEE?

Federal law defines an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) broadly as "an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the public agency responsible for the education of the child in question." 34 C.F.R. 300.503.

Thus, an IEE is not limited to evaluating only a child's academic or cognitive skills, but may include the evaluation of any skill related to the child's educational needs. Evaluations of neurological functioning, adapted physical education, sensory needs, even music therapy, are but a few examples of the types of IEEs covered under the IDEA. Parents may obtain an IEE, for virtually any purpose, if it impacts the child's education.


Consultation Services and Advocacy

We offer consultation services by a Licensed Educational Psychologist  and other highly-qualified staff to assist with evaluating current Individual Education Plans (IEP’s), Section 504 Plans, and Student Study Team (SST) accommodations and interventions.  This could include a comprehensive review of records, past reports and student cumulative file in order to help evaluate present program efficacy and guide parents in making informed decisions about their child’s school program.  Guidance in accessing community based services can also be provided.

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